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Andy Cairns

Studied Art and Environmental Education at Lancaster University before working in community arts and then further education, teaching across the art and design range but particularly drawing, sculpture and photography.  

Completed MA in Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and Design in 2004.

Andy has exhibited widely and is part of art group Drawn to the Valley. 

He moved to Devon in April 2014 and is co-founder of community arts organisation West Devon Art Workshops CIC.

“I work in the field of assemblage – bringing together different elements to create interesting juxtapositions and harmonies.  I am particularly interested in developing the stories that objects want to tell when combined together – be they historical, biographical or imaginary. 

“I am drawn to old, corroded, weathered materials and artefacts.  I find that when materials and artefacts that have a history embedded in their surfaces come together there is a tremendous chatter and creative energy as they begin to weave new narratives that take their history and embellish it in imaginative ways. 

“I try to capture this chatter in my work, configuring the individual elements into a composition that sets off creative narratives in the mind of the viewer.”

Gill Cairns

Studied Visual Studies at Norwich School of Art & Design before working in further and adult education teaching art and textiles.

Gill has exhibited her work across the country as well as in various Norfolk galleries.  She moved to Devon in April 2014 and is co-founder of community arts organisation West Devon Art Workshops CIC.


"Weathered,disintegrating buildings and interiors inspire my collages. I am interested in surfaces which show the passing of time & have a history. Worn peeling paint, torn layers of wall paper, these evoke thoughts of all the lives that have shared the space before & left something of themselves behind. I enjoy layering materials to create juxtapositions of surface pattern and texture.  

" My textiles work, by contrast, is inspired by nature's colours and textures, exploring 'cycles of life' from disintegration through to regeneration.  I work with organic materials such as hand-made paper and felt, incorporating plant materials.

"In my hand-made felt panels the fruit's natural disintegration process has stained and patinated, leaving an impression behind.  These lingering traces are a reminder of the richness and bounty of summer and the on-going cycle of decay leading to new growth."

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